Why You Need A Social Media Marketing Company

Expert Management

While you’re running your company, we ensure your social marketing is expanding your customer base and growing your reputation around the clock.

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Best In Class Technology

We’ve spent countless hours creating a suite of software tools designed to make growing your social media following a breeze.

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Data Driven Strategy

We use data from thousands of social media posts to determine which content will be most effective for your audience.

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“93% of shopper’s buying decisions are influenced by social media.”

– SocialMediaToday.com

Social Marketing for Growing Businesses

The results are in: 93% of buying decisions are influenced by social media. That means your customers are searching for and discussing your business on social – whether you are there or not.

Social marketing helps you control the conversation around your business and amplify reviews to new customers and markets.

Using a mix of big data analytics and creativity, we ensure that your business uses social media to meet the expectation of modern consumers and thrive in a digital-first world.

CenDyt social media digital marketing

World Class Service

We act as an extension of your company, not a vendor or a third party.

Account Management

We act as an extension of your business and develop a deep understanding of your audience.

Content Creation and Design

We combine data and creativity to publish content designed to grow your audience.


We handle all the heavy lifting, like posting, monitoring comments, and responding to questions.

Facebook Advertising

We build, optimize and monitor your ads to help drive awareness to your brand.

Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Company

Your customers use social media networks daily

8 out of 10 people are on social media networks

Your business deserves the best

Social marketing takes expertise, resources and full-time attention

Your customers are talking about you

People use social networks like search engines – looking for reviews and asking friends for recommendations

You have access to amazing technology and people

Our account managers will share a content calendar with you and take care of creating and posting content

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